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About Us
The Council of Five is a guild dedicated to achieving excellence in PvE progression. We believe that you should play the class you want to play however you want to play it, and if that coincides with the guild's objectives, so much the better. Above all, we are here to have fun. It is a game after all.
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Blaide (Blaide)
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Sytic (Sytic)
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TSpar7an (Emrakul)
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Vinh (Vinh)
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Guild News

Progression Update

Vinh, May 9, 12 4:12 PM.
Operations Group 1 has been making solid progress in 8-man Story Mode of Explosive Conflict. Currently they have taken down 3 of the 4 bosses in the operation with Warlord Kephess being the sole provider of resistance. The group expects to down him this week.

Operations Group 2 has gotten off the ground and has begun making weekly incursions into Hard Mode Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace. Further updates on their progression as they become available.

Progression Update

Vinh, Mar 20, 12 10:24 AM.
Last night marked the end of the ops week and the end of our progression runs through Hard Mode Operations. All bosses have been downed, the spoils have been divided, and the skulls of our enemies have been mounted on our walls. In the coming weeks prior to the release of Patch 1.2, we will be continuing progression into Nightmare Mode. We have aspirations of getting the Unyielding title for everyone as well.

Progression Update

Vinh, Mar 19, 12 3:24 PM.
Last night, our operations group finally downed Hard Mode Bonecrusher shortly after downing Hard Mode Soa for a second time. The ops group finished the evening by one shotting Jarg and Sorno with ease. Continuation of the guild progression run through Hard Mode Karagga's Palace will continue tonight.

Patch 1.2

Vinh, Mar 17, 12 12:43 AM.
Notes for Patch 1.2 are now up on the TOR site. Check them out for details on the new flashpoint and operation, ranked warzones, legacy rewards, and a lot more. Get pumped. 

New Allies?

Vinh, Mar 16, 12 3:53 PM.
The Council is currently in talks with the leadership of Corruption about teaming up for 16-man hard mode operations. These 16-man operations would provide us with a second opportunity to get Rakata-grade gear over and above what we are pulling out of 8-man hard modes. With Patch 1.2 on the horizon, it is unclear how critical Rakata-grade gear will be in future progression, but it certainly can't hurt us. On a related note, this potential alliance will not be a merger between Council of Five and Corruption. Both guilds would remain separate and autonomous. Further details on this will be provided as talks continue.
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